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JC Freedom House Ministries

PO Box 821 Douglasville GA 30133,, Phone: 770-675-3817


501(c)3 DONATION FEDERAL TAX ID# 822917944


Dear Friend and Supporter,

Please HELP Our Shelter


JC Freedom House shelter for women in crisis in Douglas County needs your help. 

Our mission is to bring health and healing to nations, families, and individuals. Our major program is our shelter for women in crisis. Many of our clients have been abused, lost their jobs, or are experiencing hardship. A shelter has remained on the existing site for nearly 10 years and has been managed by volunteers exclusively. The founder of the current shelter, Marigold was once a woman in crisis resident at the shelter. So many women have been saved and able to transform their lives completely with the help of our programs.


Why do we need your help?

Help us continue to transform lives. The shelter is in its 4th year of operation. During this time, lives have been completely transformed! Our statistical data revealed:


·         Over 5,000 bed-nights were provided.

·         80% of the women transitioned to permanent or semi-permanent housing.

·         100% of the women with children completing the program regained parental rights to their children.

·         100s of people calling our crisis line were provided with help, referrals and resources.

·         Women were housed, and some were able to remain in the shelter for a 12-month period.

·         Children received outreach support.

·         100% of women that came to the shelter without employment, obtained jobs.

·         100s of pounds of food and clothing were provided.

·         100s of volunteer hours were provided by our volunteers.

·         100% of outreach clients were provided with practical support and assistance.

·         Over 1000 man-hours were provided (group & individual), in therapy, financial management, life skills and case management.

·         100% of client’s completing our program report success stories with one woman improving college results from a GPA of 1.8 to a GPA            of 4.0!!!


The shelter provides a safe place to live, food, clothing, gas cards and other needed items to the women. In

addition to those in its own facility, JC Freedom House has supported the homeless and those in need by providing food, clothing and other needed items. It supports community education by providing information about women in crisis. Volunteer shelter workers, administrators, counselors, teachers, facilitators and medical practitioners provide the shelter with hundreds of volunteer hours each year. Our programs are funded by the support of the community.  JC Freedom House spearheaded a campaign to purchase its existing shelter and was successful.


Will you help us?

New Programs

Currently we are raising funds for shelter renovations and on-site staffing which will allow us to extend our programs to assist women with the highest barriers to housing including those experiencing mental health issues and substance abuse. Within our existing facility we are building permanent supportive units to add to our existing emergency/transitional units.


Help us continue this vital work, please partner with us as a ‘Life-Saver’ monthly giver and or give a one off gift all tax-deductible. Give at


Many thanks


Chief Executive

What our clients say about JC Freedom House

“I no longer feel food insecurity, I have all the food I need”

“Because of this program, I now have my children back”

“I feel this shelter has really helped me, I’m evolving into a better person”

“The shelter has helped me meet needs I could never have met on my own”


“I increased my ability to earn more”


“The staff are empathetic to my situation”


“I feel this is an exceptional program to help women get a foundation started, transitioning life change and forming new habits”


“having a peaceful residence in the midst of turmoil is so soothing”

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