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JC Freedom House Ministries

P.O. Box 821 Douglasville GA 30133 | | Phone: 770.675.3817


501(c)3 DONATION FEDERAL TAX ID# 822917944


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Please HELP Our Shelter


JC Freedom House, a shelter for women in crisis located in Douglas County, needs your help.


Our mission is to bring health and healing to nations, families, and individuals. Our primary program is the shelter for women in crisis. Many of our clients have experienced abuse, job loss, or are going through hardships. The shelter has been at its current site since inception and has been exclusively managed by volunteers. The founder of the shelter, Marigold, was once a resident herself. Our programs have helped numerous women transform their lives completely.


Why do we need your help?


Help us continue to transform lives. below is a snap shot of some of the shelter's impact, and how lives have undergone remarkable transformations. Our statistical data reveals:


  • Over 9,000 bed nights provided.

  • 80% of women transitioned to permanent or semi-permanent housing.

  • 100% of women with children who completed the program regained parental rights.

  • Help, referrals, and resources are provided to hundreds of people through our crisis line.

  • Housing and support for women, with some staying for up to 12 months.

  • Outreach support for children.

  • 100% employment rate for women who came without jobs.

  • Distribution of hundreds of pounds of food and clothing.

  • Hundreds of volunteer hours are contributed by our volunteers.

  • Practical support and assistance are provided to 100% of outreach clients.

  • Over 1000 man-hours of therapy, financial management, life skills, and case management.

  • 100% success stories from clients completing our program, including one woman improving her college GPA from 1.8 to 4.0!


The shelter provides a safe place to live, along with food, clothing, gas cards, and other essentials to the women. In addition to those at our facility, JC Freedom House supports the homeless and those in need by providing food, clothing, and other necessities. We contribute to community education by sharing information about women in crisis. Volunteer shelter workers, administrators, counselors, teachers, facilitators, and medical practitioners contribute hundreds of volunteer hours each year. Our programs are funded by the community's support. JC Freedom House led a campaign to purchase its existing shelter, which was successful.


Will you help us?


New Programs


We are currently raising funds for shelter renovations and on-site staffing. This will allow us to expand our programs to help women facing the highest barriers to housing, including those dealing with mental health issues and substance abuse. Within our existing facility, we are constructing permanent supportive units to complement our emergency/transitional units.


Please help us continue this vital work. Partner with us as a 'Life-Saver' monthly donor or make a one-time tax-deductible gift. Contribute at Thank you in advance for your support.

Gratefully yours, 

Marigold Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

What our clients say about JC Freedom House:

“I no longer experience food insecurity; I have all the food I need.”

“Thanks to this program, I have regained custody of my children.”

“I believe this shelter has greatly helped me in my personal growth and development.”

“The shelter has provided me with essential resources that I wouldn't have been able to acquire on my own."

“I improved my earning potential.”

“The staff members show empathy towards my situation.”


“I consider this program exceptional for assisting women in establishing a foundation, navigating life changes, and developing new habits."


“Amidst the turmoil, having a peaceful residence is incredibly soothing.”

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