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Who We Are

JC FREEDOM HOUSE is a nonprofit, faith-based ministry.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring health and healing to nations, families, and individuals, all while advancing the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Our Core Activities

Our core activities include:

  • Providing shelter housing to women facing crisis situations.

  • Offering referrals for housing and other essential resources.

  • Organizing walking groups and providing health information/education to encourage good health.

  • Receiving prayer requests and having our intercessors pray for those requests.




Our Objectives


  • Offering shelter housing for women facing crises.

  • Promoting healing and fostering healthy lifestyles.

  • Providing education and training opportunities.

  • Offering Christian prayers for individuals.

Our Locations

Our ministry operates exclusively within the USA, and we also have interests in the UK, Cameroon, and Ghana.

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